There are some really interesting things in November

I’ve had a very interesting start for the autumn: not only gave a nice keynote at IEEE CogInfoCom about the Neuroscience of Virtual Reality, but also the track that we organized with my father Zsolt Török received the Best Session Award. It is really good to feel that our work invested pays off. And there are some interesting things coming in November.

This month started with some very good news: I finally laid my hands on the Forbes Urban special edition where I served as consultant on how intelligent transportation will look 20 years from now. I enjoyed the interview very much not only because of Bálint Laza, an experienced journalist but because of the other interviewee David Leichner who was so passionate about this field that is hard to find even amongst researchers.

Also in November, I was honoured to be invited by the Ministry for Home Affairs to give a talk about the security and privacy side in the world of Big Data within the framework of the Festival of Science in Hungary. I’m very much looking forward to this talk, I’m thinking about this topic for a while now given my exposure to wearables, deployed AI solutions, and the psychological aspects of today’s online culture. Mark 9th Nov in your calendar.

At the end of the month, I’m giving another invited talk. Earlier this year, the John von Neumann Computer Society invited me to give a talk about the similarities and differences of natural and artificial neural systems at the Conference of Equal Opportunities in the Digital World. This conference is visited by hundreds of IT professionals and I’m already thrilled to be there. It’s just cca. 3 weeks till 28th Nov.

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