About me

Hello, My name is Agoston Torok.

I did my doctoral studies at ELTE (Budapest, Hungary). I worked at two prestigious research institutes of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences: at the Brain Imaging Centre and at the Insitute of Computer Science and Control (also known as SZTAKI).

My interest was using new developments in computing (mixed reality, machine learning) to help research in neuroscience. I was part of the research team that first recorded individual grid cells in the human brain and showed how those are different from the rodent analogues.

Later, I studied also how neuroscience can help the design of better user interfaces. Amongst other things, We showed the neural underpinnings of why virtual teleportation is a good way of locomotion in VR. I carried out research projects at several universities: studied distance illusions at UCL, Mars gravity perception at Royal Holloway University, and e.g. rapid perception at Aix-Marseille University.

As time went by, my focus turned to applied research. First, I lead the R&D team at Synetiq and now I’m a lead data scientist at AGT International. My focus is on doing data science beyond the hype: applying statistics & machine learning (RL, DL) with software development (Lean, XP) best practices to bring promises to reality. You can read many related post on my blog here or on medium. Recently, the outputs of my work are improving features of the HEED sport storytelling app.

Some fun facts: I designed my own 3D presentation toolkit, I have a gift to find the people who like talking about science in basically every pub around the world, and I love visiting skyscrapers.

If you are interested in more details, have a look at my resume and my publications on google scholar.