Meet me at the satRday conference

I’m lucky to give a talk at the satRday conference on September 3 2016. I will tell about time series analysis based on our recent work at Synetiq lab. The most interesting part of this will be about how Hidden Markov Modeling can help identifying emotions based on data from EEG, heart-rate, and GSR recordings.

SatRday is a great initiative, and it will be organized for the first time this year. It will take place in three locations: Budapest, San Juan and Cape Town; with the best developers, users and researchers from the R community. For example, we have Jeroen Ooms /e.g. RMySQL and Mongolite/, Gábor Csárdi /e.g. igraph/, and Arun Srinivasan /e.g. data.table/ and many-many great talents from the R side of life. On top of this, the conference registration is very cheap, so if you are a university student this one is highly recommended also.